Glossary of Abbreviations
AA Anti-Aircraft
AAC Army Air Corps
ACC Army Catering Corps
ADC Army Dental Corps
ADGB Air Defence of Great Britain
AE Ammunition Examiner
AFPU Army Film and Photographic Unit
AGI Anti Gas Instructor
AGRA Army Group Royal Artillery
ALFSEA Allied Land Forces South East Asia
AM Air Ministry
A of S Arm of Service
ARP Air Raid Precautions
ATA Air Transport Auxiliary
ATS Auxiliary Territorial Service
Aux Auxiliary
BAOR British Army of the Rhine
BC Bren Carrier
BD Battledress
BEF British Expeditionary Force
BFIG British Forces in Greece
BG Bren Gunner
Bn Battalion
CD Civil Defence
Cdo Commando
CMF Central Mediterranean Force
CMP Corps of Military Police
CO Commanding Officer
COHQ Combined Operations Headquarters
Coy Company
DEMS Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships
DM Driver Mechanic
DO Driver Operator
DR Despatch Rider
Div Division
ENSA Entertainments National Service Association
FANY First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
FSP Field Security Personnel
GHQ General Headquarters
GOC General Officer Commanding
GS General Service
HAA Heavy Anti-Aircraft
HAC Honourable Artillery Company
HG Home Guard/Hotchkiss Gunner
HQ Headquarters
HMS His Majesty's Service
Inf Infantry
KC King's Crown
KD Khaki Drill
LAA Light Anti-Aircraft
LAC Leading Aircraftman
LDV Local Defence Volunteers
LFA Land Forces Adriatic
LG Lewis Gun(ner)
L of C Lines of Communication
LMG Light Machine Gunner
LRDG Long Range Desert Group
MC Motor Cyclist
MEF Middle East Forces
MELF Middle East Land Forces
MTC Mechanized Transport Corps
NAAFI Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes
OC Officer Commanding
OR Other Ranks
PAIC Persia and Iraq Command
PAIforce Persia and Iraq Force
PMRAFNS Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service
POW Prisoner of War
PTI Physical Training Instructor
PWE Political Warfare Executive
QAIMNS Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service
QARNNS Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service
QI Qualified Instructor
RA Royal Artillery
RAC Royal Armoured Corps
RAF Royal Air Force
RAOC Royal Army Ordnance Corps
RAPC Royal Army Pay Corps
RASC Royal Army Service Corps
RAVC Royal Army Veterinary Corps
RE Royal Engineers
REME Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
RFC Royal Flying Corps
RTO Railway Transport Officer
RTR Royal Tank Regiment
SACSEA Supreme Allied Command South East Asia
SASC Small Arms School Corps
SD Service Dress
SEAC South East Asia Command
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
SLO Searchlight Operator
SOE Special Operations Executive
TA Territorial Army
TANS Territorial Army Nursing Service
TF Territorial Force
TO Transport Operator
USAAF United States Army Air Force
VAD Voluntary Aid Detachment
VB Volunteer Battalion
WAAC Women's Army Auxiliary Corps
WAAF Women's Auxiliary Air Force
WD War Department
WLA Women's Land Army
WRNS Women's Royal Naval Service
WTC Women's Timber Corps
WO War Office

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