Blank KD Slides

We have 3 different sizes of blank KD slides available - we can also provide blank slides to a custom size if necessary.

Why would I need blank slides?

  • They are particularly useful for rank.  If you have metal rank these can be put onto a slide to avoid damaging epaulettes on your uniform.
  • We do sell some formation badges already on slides however if you already have the badges and want to stitch them on yourself blank slides are a good option - please note that you may find this slightly awkward because the slides have aready been stitched up at the back.
  • If you just want to change your rank temporarily you can use the slides to cover anything stitched to the epaulette.

Small KD Slide

Approx 5 cm deep and big enough to have a metal crown or one metal rank pip on.  Some of the smaller formation badges would also fit.

Medium KD Slide

The medium size is approx 9 cm and would be long enough for 2 metal rank pips.

Large KD Slides

The large KD blank size is approx 11cm in length.

They would be a suitable length for 3 metal rank pips. 

Due to the length they are a little awkward if they are to have anything stitched to them.  We therefore supply these unstitched to allow you to get in with a needle.  They are marked on the reverse with a line as guidance for folding before you stitch together.