Metal Badge Fittings

Metal badges use one of 4 different rear fittings for fixing to clothing, caps and hats.

The rear fixings of badges are something most of us take for granted however the terms of "lugs" and "slider" are strange terms for those new to re-enactment.  It's surprising how many times we have heard the comment "I didn't know what lugs were and didn't want to ask".

Details are given below for each of these fittings and information on where you are most likely to see these.

If you require any further assistance please don't hesistate to contact us.

Slider Fitting

Slider and Lug Fittings

The slider (shown to the left) is the most usual fittings on metal cap badges.  It will slide through a small hole in the cap or hat.

The lug fixing (shown to the right) requires a split pin to slide into the lugs so secure the badge from falling out.  Seen on some cap badges and also collar badges.  Two holes need to be made into the fabric on the hat, the lugs should be put through these holes and the split pin will secure this from falling out.

Lug Fitting
Buttonhole Fitting

Buttonhole and Brooch Fittings

The buttonhole fixing (shown to the left) is generally seen on home front, civilian or association badges.  The term buttonhole is for exactly that - to be fitted into the buttonhole.

The brooch fixing (shown to the right) again is generally seen on home front, civilian or sweetheart brooches.

Brooch Fitting